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The first batch of public rental housing communities in Beijing have launched "face recognition" to see how artificial intelligence can make the community more secure

since the Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development issued the notice on Further Strengthening the supervision and management of public rental housing sublease and lending behavior, public rental housing communities have begun to adopt face recognition, intelligent door locks and other technologies. Recently, the face recognition equipment in the first batch of 13 public rental housing communities in Beijing has been put into use. By the end of October, all 59 public rental housing communities will be able to "brush their faces" in and out. Artificial intelligence technology is being widely used in urban management, and more and more artificial intelligence enterprises begin to take root here. For example, kuangzhi, a leading AI enterprise in China, focused on the urban brain scene, launched digital solutions for building parks, and applied them to public rental housing, colleges and universities, enterprise parks and other scenes, making urban management more efficient

compared with the traditional gate, it ensures the stability and accuracy of the test results It is forbidden to swipe cards. Face recognition technology has the characteristics of non-contact and concurrency. Compared with manual management, it has the advantages of low cost and anti fatigue. It can better help the construction and management mechanism of public rental housing, so it has been highly valued and promoted by the government. As early as September 2016, a public rental housing project in Haidian District has been communicating through the serial port (COM number) on the back of the computer, adopting the open-ended intelligent building solution, and taking the lead in implementing the face recognition access control system in Beijing

by recognizing the face images of the lessee and his family members, the system can record the situation of family members entering and leaving the public rental housing in real time, which can not only help the management department understand the actual living situation of families in the community, but also provide technical assistance for the later management of public rental housing. Since the Haidian public rental housing project launched the face recognition system, no sublease or lending behavior has been found so far. It not only provides intelligent life solutions for lessees and property managers, but also realizes cost reduction and efficiency increase for community property management

in fact, with the continuous promotion of smart city construction, in addition to public rental housing, many enterprises have also generated the transformation needs of intelligent buildings in the process of intelligent transformation. For example, China Resources has become the first enterprise to truly realize full scene face recognition, greatly improving its own intelligent management level

figure: Kuangshi provides China Resources Group with an AI vision integrated solution combining software and hardware

China Resources adopts the "face as ID" Ai vision integrated solution combining software and hardware provided by Kuangshi, including the intelligent welcome system independently developed by Kuangshi, attendance management system, and visitors are expected to use at least 1million plastic bags management system, stranger management system, and area management system each year to solve the problem of employee/head of household access Identification of outsiders, digitalization of enterprise systems, intelligent upgrading and other pain points. So far, Kuangshi has equipped China Resources with 400 + way intelligent front-end products, covering nearly 100 floors in multi scene forms under China Resources, completed the access control authority management of nearly 100000 employees and householders, and received nearly 10000 visitors per day

in urban management, campus safety is also a very important topic. Whether the government, schools or all sectors of society, there is an urgent need to constantly improve campus safety through cutting-edge AI technology. In view of the actual scene needs and pain points on the campus, Kuangshi has also created an educational digital solution based on its core algorithm ability and hardware innovation ability, and has helped Northwestern Polytechnic to improve the localization level of key materials such as advanced semiconductor materials, new display materials, high-end optoelectronic and Microelectronic Materials. Industrial University, Nanyang Institute of technology, China University of mining and technology Henan University of economics and law and other universities have effectively solved the pain points of campus management

figure: Kuangshi uses educational digital solutions to build smart dormitories for Nanyang Institute of technology

according to IDC's prediction, the global smart city technology related investment will reach $189.46 billion in 2023, and the Chinese market will reach $38.92 billion. As the first AI company to enter the field of urban management, Kuangshi has not only provided intelligent life solutions for residents and property managers, but also contributed wisdom to the construction of smart cities by empowering smart buildings and smart parks. In the future, through the promotion of AI enterprises such as Kuangshi, AI technology is bound to be applied to more urban management scenarios and make more contributions to the development of smart cities

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