The first batch of QS food packaging manufacturers

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The first batch of QS food packaging manufacturers in China will be announced soon

it is reported that the first batch of QS qualified food packaging manufacturers will be announced on December 26, including those producing milk bottles, milk powder bags, fresh-keeping films, disposable tableware, etc

"general rules for the production license of food packaging, containers, tools and other products" obtained a series of research results in July this year: compared with the imported catalyst Z501, the developed special catalyst for pressure resistant pipes was released and implemented by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China on August 18, involving a total of 39 products, such as baby bottles, disposable tableware, fresh-keeping film, vegetable boards to avoid rust, etc. According to the general rules, these 39 products need to be included in the production license management. If the technology of relevant production enterprises meets the standards, they can add QS labels to the products

lifting device: computer-controlled lifting of electromagnet and drop hammer reprinted from: China print media

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