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Primary school suspected of causing nosebleed due to decoration School: all the tests are qualified

primary school suspected of causing nosebleed due to decoration School: all the tests are qualified

September 25th, 2018

on one side, as many as dozens of primary school students had nosebleed, headache, vomiting and other discomfort symptoms in the newly decorated classroom, On the other side is the "completely qualified" air quality inspection report issued by the school -- a "strange scene" occurred in the Weiwu Road No. 1 campus of Zhengzhou ANZ international school after the school opened this autumn. The parents of ANZ international school reported that due to the comprehensive decoration of the campus, the opening date was postponed to September 3. Within a short week after the start of school, children in many grades had nosebleeds, headaches, red eyes, vomiting and other symptoms, and in serious cases, rashes and fever. According to the rough statistics of parents, there are an average of 8 students in each class in grade 2, 12 students in each class in grade 3, 11 students in each class in grade 4, and 13 students in each class in Grade 6. In a class of 30 students, 16 children showed obvious symptoms of discomfort. Many parents suspect that it is related to the air pollution caused by the summer decoration of the school. Some parents began to propose to the school to let their children rest at home, and hoped that the school could temporarily suspend classes. In the face of parents' doubts, the relevant person in charge of ANZ international school did not recognize it. In a subsequent discussion with parents' representatives, the person in charge of the school believed that the child's condition had nothing to do with the school decoration, and took out a "all qualified" air quality inspection report, saying that "nosebleed is an individual difference". According to the response given by the school, ANZ international school began to upgrade the campus through bidding in the summer of 2018. The decoration materials used in the project are all environmentally friendly materials. The decoration was completed on August 25, and the site clearing and equipment commissioning work began. On August 27, Henan tianzhiyi decoration engineering company, which is responsible for the school decoration project, invited the testing institution to conduct a comprehensive air quality test. The test report showed that all indicators met the national class I (hospital, school) air quality standards. We can see that in the air quality inspection report issued by Henan jiulu Chengxin Environmental Inspection Co., Ltd., the contents of toluene, xylene, benzene, formaldehyde and other five gases in the indoor environment were tested respectively, and the test results were "within the limit". "Will the decoration company spend money to hire a testing agency to issue a testing report on the decoration that does not meet the standard?" Many parents were puzzled by the school's reply. In the view of many parents, it is tantamount to being both an "athlete" and a "referee" to let the engineering company in charge of decoration find relevant testing institutions. Out of concern for the health of their children, some parents spontaneously brought home detectors to test. The test results showed that the formaldehyde concentration was as high as 0.27, more than three times higher than the qualified standard for formaldehyde in the decoration of primary and secondary school buildings. But the school does not recognize this. At the request of parents, ANZ International School said it would conduct air quality inspection on its campus again. But a week later, parents didn't get the new air quality test report. What they were waiting for was an urgent notice from the teacher: on September 13, all primary school students in the school would be diverted to other schools for classes. The person in charge of the Education Office of Zhengzhou Weiwu Road No. 1 primary school said: "because it is the testing company that parents who have lost water find, it is not clear about the situation of the testing report." The school did not respond to why students should be diverted to other schools. In response to whether the students were unwell due to school decoration, the education and Sports Bureau of Zhengzhou Jinshui District responded that they had a preliminary understanding of the situation and the relevant departments were dealing with it. Some people in the decoration industry said that the most environmentally friendly paint also needs ventilation for a week or two to live. For public places such as schools, children's physical resistance is poor, and it generally takes longer to dissipate the wind and smell. It is understood that although China mentioned in the "trial basic standard for physical health conditions in national schools" issued in 2008 that "newly decorated classrooms should be tested for indoor air, and those that meet the" indoor air quality standard "can be put into use, and ventilation should be maintained", the speed is slow, but in practice, not all schools have followed this provision. The survey found that due to the long summer vacation, many schools will choose this time period to decorate and transform the campus, which also leads to frequent environmental problems caused by decoration in classrooms, plastic runways and so on during the school season every year. "On the one hand, the school does not pay enough attention to the health and safety of students. On the other hand, the quality supervision department has no right to enforce the management of the school and has little say." According to relevant sources, the quality supervision department cannot force schools to carry out testing, and it is entirely up to schools to take the initiative to apply for testing. Although the environmental protection department monitors air pollution, it currently lacks mandatory provisions on indoor air quality, and it is difficult for them to supervise. Not only from the plastic granulator technology to carry out fundamental transformation

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