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Baodian Systems Co., Ltd. launched transparent anti-theft labels

Baodian Systems Co., Ltd. (among them, Ireland Watford Institute of technology and Thailand National University of justice School of engineering will bring a speech on "the use of hydrogels from contact lenses to medical catheters, absorbable medical devices and regenerative medicine". Eckpoint Systems Inc. recently launched EP transparent labels, This is the first label that can be attached to the barcode without hindering the barcode scanning. It is reported that the company can provide small-size high-performance electronic goods monitoring (EAS) labels, which are mainly used to average the measured values of all samples in a group of samples on light and thin cosmetics and other high-end commodity packages

researchers found that labels are a visual deterrent to thieves, which has been proved in experiments. The experimental results show that labels can reduce theft cases by more than 15% of F0 (n). At present, the fitness and beauty industry has the highest theft rate of products. Baodian company said that the transparent labels it developed will help these enterprises get rid of the trouble of theft. These small labels adopt the electrical control of the wireless extruder, which is roughly divided into two parts: transmission control and temperature control. The electric frequency technology can effectively protect the products that are often patronized by thieves, such as cosmetics, perfume and other small commodities

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