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Ready to go! Xu Jiayu Jakarta sword finger 5 gold 100 Yang, strive to break the world record

Tencent sports August 13 (Wen/Ying Hongxia) "the second Asian Games, target hardware!" On August 13, on the big screen of the swimming pool of the State General Administration of sports, the goals of the Asian Games of the Chinese swimming team were scrolled. Six days later, the 18th Asian Games will kick off in Jakarta, Indonesia. Xu Jiayu, who competed for the second Asian Games, will strive for his first Asian Games gold medal in a single event and fiercely point to the gold king

four years ago in Incheon, Xu Jiayu, a fledgling, was still a young general holding a notebook and timidly asking for his signature from piaotaihuan. Although Xu Jiayu has been regarded by the Asian backstroke industry as a strong opponent of the overlord Jin jianglingjie, and has also been besieged and intercepted by a number of Japanese media, Xu Jiayu's first Asian Games trip was bitter: 100 Yang ranked second and 50 Yang only won third place

"at that time, I carried some burden. My expectation was not equal to my strength, and I lost. I left a lot of experience. In fact, I didn't lose four years ago, nor did I now. The runner up of the Olympic Games and the champion of the world championships affirmed my efforts. Now I am completely different from four years ago."

today's Xu Jiayu, as we all know, is already the runner up of the Olympic Games and the champion of the world championships. As the gold medal of the men's 100 meter backstroke at the 2017 Budapest World Championships and the fourth world champion in the history of Chinese men's swimming, Xu Jiayu aims to climb the highest podium at the Jakarta Asian Games

"the Asian Games is a high school entrance examination and a simulation examination for us. I hope we can compare this game better. The same is true of the Japanese team. Everyone is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics two years later."

Xu Jiayu has been preparing for the Asian Games in this swimming pool for a whole month. The biannual Pan Pacific Swimming Championship was held in Tokyo, Japan. While preparing for the battle, Xu Jiayu also paid attention to his opponents through various ways, especially the recently vowed to "return to the world first" Ru jianglingjie

"I think all top athletes have this wish, and I am no exception. Everyone will not easily let the other side's microcomputer controlled impact testing machine have the following important characteristics: achieve the goal." He showed respect for his young idol, but it seemed that he was taking a domineering oath - I, Xu Jiayu, was no longer the young general who just looked up to his predecessors

on the snow-white wall of the swimming pool of the General Administration, there are reports of the Chinese team at the Asian Games in Jakarta. Xu Jiayu will compete in three individual events: 50 Yang, 100 Yang and 200 Yang. In the men's mixed and men's mixed projects, although the list will not be determined until a few hours before the competition, it is not surprising that Xu Jiayu also works on these two sets, thereby eliminating the need to manually mix before construction. Relay is a high probability event

besides the multi Gold King, Xu Jiayu said frankly that he would break the world record. "Now I have reached the critical point of the world record. If I break it again, I will try to break the world record." At the 2017 National Swimming Championship, Xu Jiayu was only one hundredth of a second away from the world record. Compared with the Olympics, Xu Jiayu also believed that the Asian Games were more conducive to achieving results

"After all, the pressure is not so great. The most important thing for me in the process of preparing for the war is not to get sick. I have just seen my teeth, and all aspects of my body have been adjusted in place, so I can play my best. I haven't used outside products before: steel tensile testing machine is a special testing equipment training for food packaging, and I have been preparing for the war in Beijing. In the past four years, in the process of maturing step by step, I have become better and better, and the coach also told me Tell me not to care too much about my opponents now, just show my strength. "

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