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How about the quality of Ningmei i7 8700/rtx2060? Is it reliable? First hand experience evaluation

ningmeiguo rtx2060 series hot-selling console recommendation: ningmeiguo i7 8700/rtx2060 high configuration chicken eating game console, let's take a look at the new self-healing material, which is composed of a polar extendable polymer - vinylidene fluoride and 6 fluoropropylene polymer and ionic salt by the end of 2014. Ningmeidu i7 8700/rtx2060 host experience, detailed configuration parameters, and user comments on the advantages and disadvantages, I hope it can help you choose reference

I. ningmeiguo i7 8700/rtx2060 user evaluation:

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1. Generally speaking, it is very good. The operation speed is very fast and very quiet. There was a little error in the installation of the graphics card, which was stuck in the back and did not light up. Later, it was found that the graphics card did not work, and it was reinstalled before it was installed. After installing the graphics card, it lights up once. Master Lu scored more than 280000 points in the test. Run all kinds of games without any pressure. Very fast

2 according to the relevant departments, the chassis is relatively large and has everything inside. It is not difficult to install. The system is pre installed in advance. Once the graphics card is installed and the computer is turned on, it will be automatically configured, and then there is no problem. After using it for a day, the performance goes without saying. The temperature is well controlled and the experience is very good. Battlefield Sanquan special effect, very good

turn to more friends to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages ", hoping to help friends in need choose reference

3. How to say, at the beginning, I wanted to assemble it by myself, but the budget before and after calculation was not enough, so I chose the all-in-one machine. Ningmeidu is still trustworthy because it can do so much, so I chose ningmeidu. The computer is very good, no problem, 25W running points, the host is changed to blue, very handsome, and the host is larger than expected. After checking all the details of the accessories, the brand-new ones are correct, and the graphics card is also easy to install. There is no pressure on Jedi survival, black desert, Tomb Raider 10, and all the tours you can see on the market

II. Detailed configuration parameters:

Product Name: ningmeiguo Intel b360 i7-

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