The most fire prevention cable fire accident

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Prevention of cable fire accident

1 prevention of cable fire:

whether the cable is baked by the adjacent high-temperature equipment, resulting in aging and damage of the cable insulation, and whether it is possible to spray the medium onto the cable after the sudden rupture of the pressure high-temperature equipment

whether there is serious powder accumulation on the cable row, and whether there is spontaneous combustion of powder accumulation after cold stretching for the ground or crystalline polymers that are prone to powder accumulation

oil accumulation or seepage in the cable trench prevents the oil of charging electrical equipment from flowing into the cable tunnel and igniting the cable when the equipment is on fire

whether the cover plate of the cable trench is tight to prevent the cable from catching fire due to the loose cover plate of the cable trench, welding slag sparks and other kindling entering the cable trench by mistake

check whether there is water leakage, ponding and cable flooding in the cable tunnel, so as to prevent the cable from being soaked in water for a long time, resulting in cable insulation reduction and explosion, resulting in fire

check the cable for heating and swelling, especially for high-voltage cables and cable joints

strictly control the hot work in the tunnel near the cable to ensure the accuracy of the test results and normal work

there is no phenomenon of insulation damage caused by heavy accumulation on the cable

2 electricity 5. Check the fire prevention and flame retardancy of 180o cable folded in half at the free end of the sample:

the cable holes of the hole panel cabinet leading to the cable interlayer of the main control room should be densely and reliably blocked. No inflammable materials such as wood plates are used as plugging materials and supports

for cable sections susceptible to external fire, the installed covers, closed trough boxes and other fire prevention measures are complete

the fire partition wall set in the main tunnel is complete, the holes are blocked tightly, and the fire barrier doors are complete and closed

the fireproof material coated on the cable near the firewall is good, without loopholes and falling off

3 inspection of fire extinguishing devices:

regular and comprehensive inspection of fire extinguishing devices can bring you good standby and operating conditions of fire prevention devices, which can be quickly started in case of fire

fixed automatic fire extinguishing devices must be kept complete, and damaged devices should be replaced in time

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