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Tank connects the world, concrete builds the future, CIMC Lingyu delivers 50 legal version mixers to Hebei key customers

tank connects the world, concrete builds the future, CIMC Lingyu delivers 50 legal version mixers to Hebei key customers

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recently, the land of Yanzhao ushered in a grand event - the delivery ceremony of CIMC Lingyu & Hebei juncun legal version mixers with the theme of "tank connects the world, concrete builds the future", The 50 national six mixer trucks ordered by regular customers at one time were officially delivered in Shijiazhuang. Our country is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. The neat array of on-site mixer trucks is particularly eye-catching. CIMC Lingyu, juncun group, SINOTRUK, Weichai Power and other relevant principals delivered speeches one after another, and witnessed the grand occasion of vehicle delivery with many guests on the scene

legal compliance, high quality and quantity

CIMC Lingyu has a history of 61 years, 51 years of automobile manufacturing and 20 years of tank car production. High quality products and high standard services are the eternal purpose of Lingyu. This cooperation is also due to the high trust of customers in Lingyu's product quality and service guarantee

as the national six emission policy of heavy trucks is about to be fully switched, the national overload control and environmental protection policies are becoming stricter, and the younger generation of users' requirements for product quality are improving, compliance, comfort, and a sense of quality that can meet customers' income generation requirements have become the new demands of the heavy truck market. With a keen sense of market, CIMC Lingyu took the lead in laying out the lightweight market, aiming at high-end manufacturing and producing special vehicles in the way of commercial vehicles. At present, Lingyu mixer has integrated legal compliance and revenue generation, and has moved many customers with excellent quality and high-quality service

strong alliance to create a new height in the industry

after the host opened, the delivery ceremony officially began. Chen suhai, deputy general manager of juncun group, made a speech on the stage. President Chen said: Hebei Jun has developed the mixing and transportation industry for many years. After comparison with many companies in the same industry, the group finally decided to invest 23million yuan to sign Lingyu mixing truck, which is full trust in CIMC Lingyu tank truck experts and full recognition of Lingyu mixing truck quality. It is believed that the long-term strategic cooperation between the two sides will achieve a win-win situation

then, Yan Shipan, commander of CIMC Lingyu North China war zone, delivered a speech on behalf of the company. Commander Yan said: CIMC Lingyu mixer has won the praise of users and the respect of competitors with the characteristics of "lightweight, standardization and intelligence", and its products sell well all over the world. However, as a "tank car expert", CIMC Lingyu is not satisfied with the current situation, but focuses on research and development and constantly introduces new products. At the end of May this year, the second phase of CIMC Lingyu Tianqi project will be completed and put into operation, leading the industry forward. Lingyu's lightweight mixer will live up to expectations and bring better economic benefits to our users

then, Zhang Xuelei, general manager of Shijiazhuang branch of China Heavy Truck Sales Department, Liu Heng, director of Shijiazhuang Office of Weichai Power, and Li Ling, general manager of Shijiazhuang fangtuo Trading Co., Ltd., successively expressed warm congratulations on the cooperation between Ling Yu and Hebei juncun. Finally, amid warm applause and firecrackers, CIMC Lingyu and juncun group handed over the car keys and took a group photo at the scene

in a cheerful atmosphere, the handover ceremony came to a successful conclusion. 50 CIMC Lingyu statutory mixer trucks will gallop in the Gyeonggi region to show the strength of made in China. Lingyu expressed his gratitude to the customers for their experiments of stretching, tightening, twists, tears, shearing, 180 degree stripping and 90 degree stripping, as well as the strong support of Zhuang fangtuo auto trade for what happened to sinotruk and Shijia. CIMC Lingyu will spare no effort to produce intelligent and light-weight legal mixer with plate thickness, and is committed to making breakthroughs in both products and brands, creating greater value for customers and adding luster to each other's undertakings

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