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On August 15, China Plastics spot PP market brief

China Plastics price index fell 5.99 points to 1330.71 points, and China Plastics spot index rose 3.56 points to 1321.17 points

I. upstream express:

a series of economic data show that the European economy may decline, traders sell the euro, and the decline of the euro accelerates. The number of unemployed people in the United States fell, and the dollar rebounded to its highest level in six months against the euro. Affected by this. European and American crude oil futures prices fell on Thursday. At the close of Thursday, West Texas light oil September futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange were $115.01 a barrel, down $0.99 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 112 US $42; London Intercontinental Exchange Brent crude oil September futures were $112.64 a barrel, down $0.83 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 111 89 dollars

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Yanshan Petrochemical PP plant produces k4912; Dimer production pipe material ppr4220; Trimer produces b8101

Qilu Petrochemical's latest listing price of PP is stable today: T30S price is 12700 yuan/ton. EPS30R is 13300 yuan/ton, copolymer eps30ra is 13300 yuan/ton, automotive special material SP179 is 13300 yuan/ton, qp83n and qp73n are 13300 yuan/ton. The manufacturer has average inventory and slightly poor sales. It is reported that the PP plant stopped on the 11th and is scheduled to start in a week

the T3 produced by Tianjin United PP plant is controlled by a single computer, and multiple experimental machines 0s are planned to be overhauled for about 20 days on September 20. PP has a large inventory and continues to be listed for sale. Sales have improved slightly recently

the PP unit of Daqing Petrochemical produces wire drawing T30S today. The maintenance was originally planned to start on August 20 until the end of the month. It is reported that the maintenance was postponed to September 1. The manufacturer's recent sales are slightly poor and the inventory is average

III. local market conditions:

the market atmosphere of PP in China plastic city is mild, and the quotation is stable as a whole. Local continuation of Huayang new material will also bring about the rebound of innovative utilization of basalt fiber reinforced resin matrix composites in leaf springs, with a range of basically between yuan/ton. As most resources are concentrated in the hands of petrochemicals and contractors, downstream factories and retail investors are basically in a state of zero inventory. In addition, after the continuous decline of prices in the early stage, some businesses generally believe that the current price has basically fallen to the bottom, so they are eager to try, and inquiries have increased. The latest mainstream quotation of domestic wire drawing/injection plastic is yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation of domestic copolymer is yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation of imported copolymer is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of monofilament powder is 12600 yuan/ton. Because the inspected surface of the sample coincides with the surface of the workbench

the PP market quotation of Qilu Chemical City rose slightly, and the market was affected by the hype atmosphere, and the intention to receive goods was enhanced. Quotation of some merchants: Qingdao T30S quotation is 12600 yuan/ton, and there are not many transactions temporarily. Early quotation: the quotation of EPS30R is 13300 yuan/ton, that of SP179 is 13300 yuan/ton, and that of eps30ra is 13300 yuan/ton. Downstream receiving has increased

the PP market in Tianjin is stable today. Affected by the market hype atmosphere, the quotation remained stable, a small number of traders tentatively increased their quotation, found more goods, and the purchase intention warmed up. Reference quotation: Daqing T30 quotation is 12700 yuan/ton; The quotation of TIANLIAN T30S is 12700 yuan/ton; The copolymerization quotation is about yuan/ton

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