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Cognex dataman100 verifier provides two-dimensional data matrix code verification

on July 2, 2010, Cognex (NASDAQ: CGNX) launched the enhanced function of DataMan 100 two-dimensional data matrix code quality verifier. DataMan 100 calibrator has been redesigned. The new lighting device combination can be set faster and the operation is simpler. It also includes adjustable 30 and 45 degree angle lighting and height adjustment. Do you understand? There are many optional display platforms for spring fatigue testing machines on the market, as well as new component positioning guidelines for positioning codes

dataman 100 verification system provides grading that conforms to ISO 15415, aim DPM and as9132 code quality standards and guidelines, and has passed the standard compliance test of ISO verification system. Due to the launch of GS1 judge certified test card (which has been tested by the recently completed industry benchmark verification system, and the results show that its function can reach 10 times the standard requirements), the product passed the ISO standard in December 2009

The DataMan 100 verification system is based on the reliable classification performance of the original system. It has been greatly improved and is very simple and easy to use, said Carl gerst, business unit manager of Cognex ID products. Customers can now obtain a true omni-directional system that utilizes high-performance Cognex software and advanced optics, as well as lighting and calibration functions to ensure reliable verification of mark types and surfaces

the outstanding features of the new DataMan 100 verification system include:

integrated, adjustable 30/45 degree low angle lighting and integrated 90 degree Doal lighting

a porous mounting plate that connects the calibrator assembly directly to a fixed installation position or an adjustable optional display stand

clear component positioning guidance with open windows to determine consistent codes and only applicable to the location where the surface finish of the test piece is higher

control box with integrated i/o module, power supply and fast connecting lighting line, which is easier to set

10 inch x-z adjustable display stand kit and larger base plate for stand-alone use (optional)

dataman 100 calibrator is now available. For more information, please visit gnex286 glass ball for automatic fire extinguishing system com/verify。

about Cognex

Cognex is a global leader in visual inspection, guidance and ID code readers. Many companies all over the world have adopted Cognex vision system and ID code reader to improve their product quality, reduce production costs and track workpieces on the production line. Cognex products adopt innovative technology that has led the world for 25 years and can provide the highest accuracy, reliability and performance, which has been widely recognized by people. At present, there are more than 500000 Cognex systems installed worldwide, which can inspect billions of products every day, help manufacturers in various industries and departments separate defective workpieces, optimize production processes and implement comprehensive tracking plans. Cognex is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, and has offices all over the Americas, Japan, Europe and Asia. At present, Cognex China provides fast and professional services to customers in Greater China through a team of experts all over the country who promote close contact with customers and a service network composed of more than 40 authorized partners to help manufacturers win in China. For more details, please visit the company website: or

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