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For the first time, sail resistant packaging purchased ASCO's kongsbo xl48

ASCO announced that the largest kongsbo cutting machine xl48 has been successfully purchased by sail resistant packaging. In the past four years, naifan packaging, as one of the subsidiaries of naifan group, has produced many small and medium-sized foam materials and corrugated box polymer porous elastic material testing instruments through consbo xl24 cutting machine and Yatu structure software. Therefore, naifan packaging decided to continue to invest in the purchase of large-scale consbo xl48 to maintain performance development and meet market supply

the combination of high quality and high-quality service

in Norway, the key to packaging is to provide a large number of high-quality products and excellent service and performance. ESPEN auseth, President of sail resistant packaging, said: in order to provide consistent and high-quality services to our customers, we decided to seek a local partner who can process foam materials for inner packaging. Therefore, at the end of 2005, we obtained the operation right of gregersen rosenvinge as packaging company, which is located in Sande, Vestfold, southern Norway. For us, this decision is very right. Our sales volume has increased by 70% in the past three years. We are very satisfied with this performance, so we began to find more effective ways to produce inner packaging foam materials and corrugated boxes. Kongsbo xl48 cutting machine is the most perfect solution for our growing needs

in response to the growing demand

with the increase of workload and the demand for fast delivery, an obvious bottleneck has emerged. The company had to decide whether to invest in new equipment or transfer productivity from Norway. Naifan prefers to deal with customers' packaging orders by itself, so they choose to purchase a new kongsbo cutting machine in Norway. ESPEN ausethgb3142 (8) 2 explanation: Norway is an expensive market. However, for us, it is important that our customers can be listed in the shortest time in the global market competition environment, while avoiding damage in the transportation process. Naifan has solved these problems, enabling our customers to fully focus on their core business

the small batch production of naifan requires high-quality products and fast delivery time. That is, these factors led the company to decide to invest in the purchase of ASCO's consbo xl48. This machine can also be combined with consbo xl24 to make it more perfect. WDW ⑴ 00h electronic ring stiffness tester is a new material tester combining electronic technology and mechanical transmission. It is used in combination with Yatu software. Yatu's structural packaging design ability can show customers the three-dimensional effect of products. Design documents can be electronically transmitted from Yatu's workstation to the consbo cutting machine for cutting and folding

espen auseth added: naifan group has several komsbo cutting machines in Europe. In our four-year experience of using komsbo xl24, we believe that we can rely on its quality and performance. However, in small and medium-sized foam materials and corrugated cartons, we need the same output on a larger scale. After our research and discussion, we realized that the consbo xl48 can increase more production

the efficiency of the largest model of consbo cutting machine

consbo xl48 is indeed a production machine, which helps the internal staff of naifan handle a lot of work. In the working area of more than 14 square meters, larger materials can be processed through conspo xl48. This means that its measurement and cutting can be carried out at the same time; In order to save time, the base plate must be placed on the cutting machine. Therefore, only one operator is needed to load and unload the sail, and more foam materials and corrugated boxes can be produced. Since the R & D department is already familiar with the software artioscad, this work can be easily transferred directly to the new xl48 machine. ESPEN auseth explained that the consbo cutting machine can ensure high efficiency and increase production. In addition, xl48 can perfectly solve the changes in the size of foam materials, the triple production scheme and other important problems of heavy-duty plates

kongsbo xl48 is the largest of kongsbo cutting machines, with a working area of 2210*6550 mm, and the maximum paper size that can be processed is 2280*6960 mm. Kongsbo XL series die free cutting and crease bench has record productivity and versatility. Xl48 model has simple operation, optimized operation time, excellent machining flexibility and excellent performance in durability. It has a larger weight: about 650kg, and can provide an automatic loading and unloading platform

espen auseth conclusion: Although sail resistant packaging has been processed by the consbo xl24 cutting machine to deal with the rapidly growing demand, the new consbo xl48 allows us to produce faster and more effectively. Thanks to ESCO, our company can take new work and will be able to cope with the expected growth in the future

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