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New York World Trade Center in the United States provoked a storm with Chinese glass

the New World Trade Center in New York, which is under construction, is often regarded as a symbol of American aggressiveness. But for members of some organizations and American enterprises, the New World Trade Center represents a problem in the American economy

at the beginning of this year, a Chinese company won the contract for the production of explosion-proof glass required for the decoration of floors 1 to 20 of the main building. The Chinese company offered less than the American company

Scott Paul, the head of the American manufacturing alliance, said: "the new main building 6. can be divided into electronic, hydraulic, mechanical and servo experimental machines according to the structural principle; it will be built with subsidized Chinese glass whose mechanical performance is not inferior, causing American workers to lose their jobs."

On August 8, the US manufacturing alliance wrote a letter to the US trade officials, asking them to solve the behavior that the alliance regards as unfair trade. The alliance clearly stated that the Chinese government spent billions of dollars to subsidize the energy consumption cost of the glass industry

the letter said: "our domestic glass industry is the most efficient in the world, but it can not compete with the products subsidized by the Chinese government. Therefore, the glass production in the United States has been hit in recent years, the manufacturers have been closed, and many workers have lost their jobs."

according to the data of the Department of labor, the U.S. glass industry has lost 40000 jobs since 2000. At the same time, China's glass industry is growing explosively. Between 2000 and 2008, American glass imports to China doubled

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