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The New York City Council's vote on plastic bag charges will be postponed until May

the bill has received enough support on April 20 to be carried out on earth day on April 22. However, the three co sponsors are not in New York. Therefore, Brad lander, a Brooklyn Democrat who is the supporter of the bill, decided to postpone the bill for one month, which is mainly used for the tensile, compression, zigzag and shear experiments of metal materials

the bill, which advocates "reducing the packing belt", will require all supermarkets and most stores to charge customers 5 cents when providing disposable bags

lander said that cities spend US $12million a year to take plastic bags into landfills for treatment. The charge of collecting disposable bags has been implemented in other cities (including Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.), which is the most effective way for customers to bring their own environmentally friendly bags to reduce the use of plastic

the opponents of the bill include Democratic congressman David Greenfield, who said that this is a disproportionate punishment for the poor, but most of the resisters come from the middle class

the bill is likely to vote on the meeting on May 5 to ensure the quality of raw materials for plastic products

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