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Analysis of the impact of supply side reform on the market evolution of China's steel industry

analysis of the impact of supply side reform on the market evolution of China's steel industry

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steel de capacity has achieved phased results. For the steel industry in the future, otherwise it is difficult to promote the establishment of production and demand balance with housing pension, the high fluctuation of steel prices, and the healthy development of the industry market. At the end of 2015, with the rise of steel prices. 1. Jinan Shijin confused the yield point of metal materials with that of plastics. Due to the great difference between the properties of metal materials and plastics, the market price was far lower than the industry cost, and the whole industry had fallen into the trap of serious losses of more than 100 billion. However, in 2017, the focus of promoting supply side structural reform in the steel industry is to eliminate excess capacity. 110 million tons of backward production capacity were eliminated and shut down nationwide. 722 medium frequency furnace manufacturers were shut down, involving a capacity of 140 million tons. Unless necessary, the serious overcapacity of iron has been basically resolved. The steel production capacity, especially the capacity structure of construction steel, has been optimized

it is this obvious downward pressure on the economy, the current basic balance between production capacity and demand in the steel industry, and the high profit state of the steel industry that the national development and Reform Commission has also proposed that 2017 is a critical year for steel to reduce production capacity. In the future, we should comprehensively promote supply side reform and promote the transformation and development of enterprises. It can be seen that the general tone of the government's regulation of the steel industry in the future will shift from last year's high-profile focus on capacity to the path of comprehensively promoting the transformation and development of the steel industry. Effectively solve the major problems faced by the transformation and development of enterprises. However, it is much more difficult than expected to solve these deep-seated economic relations problems. At present, the government only stays at the level of publicity, which is far less vigorous than the reduction of production capacity. Moreover, many transformation problems are related to the transformation of government functions, how to break the constraints of the traditional interest pattern, realize the transformation and development of capital management, and then promote the transformation and development of production and management

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