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[entry Expo] General Electric confirmed to participate in the second entry Expo

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General Electric (hereinafter referred to as GE) has become another multinational giant that confirmed to continue to participate in the Expo next year

in the written interview reply provided to the interface, Duan Xiaoying, President and CEO of Ge China, said that the deformation measurement of the experimental machine refers to the measurement of material displacement through the experimental machine. The company has signed a contract to participate in the second China International Fair

since July this year, the China International Import Expo Bureau has opened the forecast name of the enterprise business exhibition of the second China International Import Expo. 31 enterprises such as 3M and Simon Electric have confirmed their participation and completed the collective signing in the same month

Ge is also one of the first foreign-funded enterprises to sign up for this year's Expo. At the beginning of the year, Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Bingnan sent an invitation to the visiting Ge international business president Dai Anzhe to participate in the Expo. Ge quickly responded that it would participate in the exhibition to be held in November this year

at the first China International Expo, Ge set up a 500 square meter booth in the smart and high-end equipment exhibition area. "When wisdom meets machines" has become the theme of the world's top 500 exhibitors. Ge will focus on the products and solutions of six major sectors in medical treatment, aviation, power generation, renewable energy, 20KN (3) 00kn oil and gas with large load, and intelligent systems such as shaft, stainless steel wire eye, loading and unloading

among them, GE China intelligent manufacturing technology center can use 10 years to display automatic testing, digital assembly, 3D printing and other technology platforms through physical objects and videos, reflecting the productivity improvement and manufacturing cost reduction brought by GE China's own factories. The technology center, the first of its kind established by GE outside the United States, was put into operation last July

Duan Xiaoying mentioned that GE attaches great importance to the platform for entering the Expo, and hopes to take this opportunity to introduce more products to the Chinese market, and promote the technology and products developed and manufactured by GE locally to the world. Duan Xiaoying, Ge international business president Dai Anzhe and other company executives will attend the first China International Fair and participate in forums and customer signing activities during this period

at present, China has become the largest single market of Ge except the United States. Last year, GE's orders in China exceeded US $8billion, and the number of employees in China reached about 20000

Duan Xiaoying previously wrote that new trends such as urbanization, accessible healthcare and clean energy in China represent great opportunities for future development, and China is still the world's best investment destination. "We will double the increase in China." She wrote in this article

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