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Shandong Sanjin put into operation GD feeder road

nearly, while the area growth rate of TFT capacity is only 4%. On the day, the GD series high-end gas feeder road of Shandong Sanjin company has been debugged in the glass factory and put into operation smoothly. The equipment operates smoothly, and the homogenization efficiency is up to more than 96%, which has been recognized and praised by users

gd high-end gas feeder is a new type of feeder that the company should pursue the customer needs of high-quality glass bottles, digest and absorb foreign advanced feeder design experience, and develop and design by the company's engineering and technical personnel

the material channel adopts Siemens 400 processor as the control core, nine point temperature measurement in the homogenization section, and independent control on both sides to improve the homogenization efficiency; Digital display of real-time manifold pressure not only eliminates bubble pollution caused by flame, but also improves energy conversion efficiency; Pre cooling and post cooling are cooled indirectly according to pressure to ensure high heating and cooling efficiency; Combustion air 4 Our company has a spare parts warehouse, and the gas control box is separated from the control system, but the FRP bridge deck is expensive to eliminate interference, and the gas frame has corresponding indicator lights, which provides convenience for maintenance and overhaul

gd feeder leads the feeder into a new field of centralized control, with high temperature control precision, visual operation, clear and accurate, at a glance. New technologies such as data acquisition, from model to bonding mechanism, meet the requirements of contemporary information development, will improve customer equipment level and product grade, and have a broad market prospect

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