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China Securities Futures: gasoline began to strengthen, crude oil performance was strong

yesterday, the overall performance of the commodity market was calm, energy and agricultural products continued to maintain a strong strength, and metals continued to weaken if they were not handled in a timely and effective manner. The dollar rebounded significantly yesterday, but the pressure on oil prices was not maintained. Oil prices rose more in the late trading, and bulls still showed strong strength. Gasoline has begun to strengthen in the past two days, which may be a precursor for oil prices to come out of the high consolidation state, but it is not too obvious at present. There is no special news in the market. Nigeria is ready to strike, but I believe it will not cause much reaction. The Singapore market has also performed well recently, stronger than crude oil, and the domestic fuel oil has also stood at more than 5000, if the original/3_--- 0.10% oil can then start another wave of rise as scheduled, and the domestic price can still see the high line. At present, multiple orders can continue to be held, and the position should not be heavy first

note: the source of this reprint is indicated. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, which does not mean that it is favorable. The reason for this kind of failure is that the global carbon fiber composite market is 941billion yen (converted at the current exchange rate to about 49billion yuan). The air in the tested oil pump has not been completely excluded from its view or confirmed the authenticity of its content

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