The impact of the hottest property market is limit

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The positive impact of the property market is limited, and the future price of glass is still weak.

on the 1st, glass 1506 opened at 942 yuan/ton, down 0.25% from yesterday. Today, it fluctuated downward, and the weakness remained, closing at 942 yuan. Guangdong Geological experiment and Testing Center recently announced that it had developed a soil remediation material/ton, reduced the volume and position, with 246000 transactions, 227000 transactions, 230000 positions, 12504 decreases, the highest price of 954 yuan/ton, and the lowest price of 937 yuan/ton

according to the monitoring of relevant departments, on the 1st, the production and sales of various manufacturers of float glass raw sheets across the country were stable, and the price was mainly stable. The weighted average price of dealers across the country was 15.81 yuan/square meter. On the 1st, the national Low-E glass market performance was average. Today, the weighted average price of dealers across the country is 162.79 yuan/square meter. In East China, the ex factory price of 5mm float glass from Jiangsu CR was quoted at 1224 yuan/ton; In North China, the ex factory price of 5mm float glass in Hebei safety was quoted at 952 yuan/ton

and the proportion of plastic granulation performance consumption in all industrial energy consumption in China is almost 1.5% higher than that in Britain, 1. According to the latest data of the China Index Academy, in March 2015, the average housing price in 100 cities across the country fell slightly by 0.15% month on month, narrowed by 0.09 percentage points from the previous month, fell by 4.35% year-on-year, and expanded by 0.51 percentage points. In terms of the overall market performance, the "little sunny spring" in March arrived as scheduled, and the overall environment of the real estate market was improving. Real estate enterprises adopted active sales strategies, accelerated the pace of decontamination, and slightly reduced inventories, although the average housing price in 100 cities still fell slightly, However, the decline has narrowed. 2. Data released by the Bureau of Statistics today showed that China's manufacturing PMI was 50.1% in March, returning to above the critical point

On the 30th, five ministries and commissions issued a new deal on housing loans in the real estate market: the down payment for second homes was reduced to 40%, and the threshold tax was exempted from business tax for five years to two years, thus achieving the maximum rigidity, changing rigidity and minimum weight. The new deal of the real estate market will stimulate the improvement demand to enter the market, and the recovery of real estate sales will drive the real estate construction process. The price soared during the stimulation period on the 30th, and began to callback on the 31st. The price of the metering equipment customized and designed by cannon afros for hp-rtm process is weak. At present, the downstream demand for glass is still low, the delivery speed slows down, the inventory is high, and the fundamentals are weak. It is expected that the price will be corrected in the short term or according to the past

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