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The impact of high-speed rail development on the electromechanical industry

high speed rail is a typical capital intensive industry, and the project cost of tens of billions of Yuan often makes people dumbfounded. The historical track proves that whether it is the first industrial revolution represented by the invention of the steam engine or the second industrial revolution represented by the invention of the electric locomotive, the great improvement of transportation technology and the reduction of the production cost of plastic products can greatly drive and promote the development of the surrounding hardware and electromechanical industry, And set off huge investment benefits

high speed rail construction leads to hot real estate investment

take Jinan, the Beijing Shanghai railway route, as an example. Although the Greenland International Flower capital around Jinan west railway station is currently under construction, the A1 plot housing supply on sale has exceeded 2000 units in five months since the opening of the first phase in the beginning of the year. On May 29, the second phase of the real estate opened, with 200 units sold in an hour and a half. The low temperature and low humidity are relatively difficult to control, and the housing supply is almost sold out. When the real estate opened at the beginning of the year, the average price was 5800 yuan. It opened again a week later, and the house price was already soliciting opinions, and it flew to 6400 yuan

any real estate agent with "sense of smell" must not miss this opportunity. Any real estate bidding of stone crusher factory related to high-speed rail is bound to heat up the construction of the project. The first and second phases of the real estate project "go one after another". Just in the rainy season, the supply of water pumps, water valves and other electromechanical equipment also ushered in a climax

regional advantages of high-speed rail development electromechanical publicity

there are 5 pairs of bullet trains from Hangzhou station to the south of Beijing, 2 pairs from Hangzhou station to the west of Tianjin, and 1 pair from Hangzhou to the west of Jinan. Beijing, Nanjing and Hangzhou are all developing first and second tier cities, with convenient transportation and vast market. Undoubtedly, a large number of hardware electromechanical enterprises have taken the advantage of this outdoor advertising and settled in one after another

"the billboard between the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway and the expressway has not been built yet because of its great geographical advantages, which has attracted the attention of many businesses." A large number of hardware and electromechanical enterprises and merchants said that they had launched business negotiations in the same period

for example, car companies with new energy hotspots, steel companies with erratic steel prices, and electromechanical leasing companies vigorously developed in the 12th Five year plan all see Zhonghe take advantage of its post high-speed rail era

railway production drives vehicle equipment investment

recently, it was reported that CSR raised 10 billion to expand production capacity. CSR believes that according to the current domestic urban rail transit vehicle maintenance regulations, the overhaul cycle of urban rail transit vehicles is generally 10-12 years, and the UN wheeling repair cycle is 5-6 years. The number of urban rail transit vehicles will increase rapidly, and the demand for vehicle maintenance and follow-up services will grow rapidly

CSR invested 2billion yuan in financial leasing, which believes that the users of China's multiple units, locomotives and urban rail metro vehicles are utility companies with strong assets, which are characterized by high unit price of equipment, clear location of use, stable and transparent cash flow, and are more suitable for financial leasing than engineering machinery

it successfully combines the fiberform process and the rotating template technology for multi-component injection molding. In a word, the completion and opening of the high-speed railway will undoubtedly drive the development of the surrounding areas and become a strong "driving force" for industrial development and strength improvement. Crusher factory

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