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The impact of maintenance has finally come to an end. The rise of MDI is slowing down

industry overview

the demand of the chemical industry is weak, and the price of chemicals continued its downward trend this week. As the impact of maintenance came to an end, the rise of MDI slowed down this week, and the aggregate was flat, with a net decline of 2%. The price of urea is stable. Due to the weak price of raw coal and the light purchase of agricultural terminals, the subsequent urea price may fall; Phosphate fertilizer has entered the off-season window, and the Indian contract has not been finalized this week. The phosphate fertilizer inventory in North America, Saudi Arabia and Morocco is limited, and the subsequent phosphate fertilizer prices will run smoothly; Potash demand is sluggish, and inventories continue to run at a low level. The oil price fell slightly, polyester raw materials continued to fall, PTA fell by 1%, and glycol port inventory was high, falling by 4%. Refrigerant demand is still not optimistic, and manufacturers continue to reduce prices, with R22 down 1% and R134a down less than 1%. At this time, the warehouse of some butadiene manufacturers can turn off the alarm switch, and there is a shortage. The ex factory price has increased slightly, and the average domestic price has increased by 2%. Tianjiao continued its decline, falling 2% this week

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we maintain our prudent judgment on the chemical industry sector. The economy is down, the prices of bulk commodities such as petroleum natural rubber continue to fall, and the downstream demand for basic chemical industry is sluggish. However, we don't think we need to be too pessimistic at this time. We suggest selecting undervalued stocks with certain growth. We suggest paying attention to the following investment lines:

1 The supply and demand of sub industries are healthy, and the product prices are dry in the medium term. The phosphorus ore, coal chemical industry and glass fiber sectors are mainly recommended. The upward trend of phosphate rock price is established, and the mineral fertilizer integration enterprise, Xingfa group, is mainly recommended; The cost advantage of coal chemical industry is obvious. The hydraulic universal experimental machine adopts electro-hydraulic servo valve. Hualu Hengsheng and Danhua technology are recommended; The price of glass fiber has risen at the bottom, and the downstream differentiated products industry has strong demand. At the same time, it has strong pricing ability, so it is recommended to focus on Changhai shares

2. It is suggested to pay attention to the polyurethane and rubber belt sectors because of the profit improvement opportunities brought by the cost reduction brought by the price reduction of crude oil and natural rubber. Due to the impact of maintenance, the price of MDI has risen recently, and the recommended performance is Yantai Wanhua with the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection; The price of natural rubber, a raw material, continues to be depressed, and there is a wide space for conveyor belts for downstream coal mines

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