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The current situation of the stationery paper market in the United States (Part 2)

in addition, the trend of home decoration also has a certain influence on stationery paper products, and the design theme with Asian color is one of them. For example, the photo frame launched by Ganz takes Chinese calligraphy as the design idea; Moreover, the metal design used in the decoration of the store is also emerging in the stationery market

home decoration is the best part of the retail market, and home decoration style is increasingly infiltrating stationery design. With the popularity of working from home, the trend of integrating home decoration and stationery design has also been strengthened. For example, bamboo, metal and other materials, which are very popular in the home decoration market, are also widely used to make desk accessories and photo frames

half of Americans give books to their relatives and friends. The rapid development of science and technology makes people lose their personal style. Over the past 10 years, people have tried to rebuild themselves, and this trend has a strong influence on the stationery paper market. There are all kinds of personal style stationery paper products in the market view, including invitations, party supplies, mind cards and home decorations. It is believed that this trend will last for a long time

patented products with high popularity are the guarantee of sales. This year's Popular Idols include artists Mary engelbreighdt and Salvador Dali's characters, fairy tale protagonists Harry Potter, Elvis Presley and Mickey Mouse. Poly (4-hydroxybutyrate) (p4hb)

as for identity ink pens, they are not only the favorite of collectors, but also the trend of consumers. Many consumers who have only used cheap ballpoint pens for a long time are now attracted by expensive ink pens

on the other hand, all kinds of books and photo albums for gift giving are also selling well, with sales increasing to 532million US dollars, accounting for 4% of the overall market. The most popular books include gardening, cooking (including cooking books specially designed for children) and books with interpersonal relationships as the theme (most of which are men's and women's relationships); In addition, books written especially for the needs of women are also selling well

according to a survey report published by Gallup, half of the population in the United States gives books to their relatives and friends on festivals, most of them are people with college education and family income of more than $40000. Women aged between 35 and 44 are the most favorite group of giving books, and they are also the main target of retailers

according to another survey, pet owners are also potential consumers. Two thirds of the respondents will give gifts to their animals and birds, and the mind cards designed specifically for owners to give pets and for owners to give other pets for pets are also popular

in addition, various kinds of mind cards with different themes are also very popular. Among them, mind cards with rich ethnic color have the greatest market potential and their sales will soar. The publisher also launched a number of mind cards for social topics related to family and work, such as mind cards for children from single parent families, stepparents, working mothers and parents who go out on business

in addition to the heart card, some companies are even more ingenious, launching other gifts to express their feelings, which stand out, including the hot heart candle this year. These candles usually have words to express their wishes on the body or package

the demand for high-end gift packaging materials is booming

in the United States, there are a large number of new generation Y under the age of 17, and their consumption power is strong. Many companies are actively expanding this potential city. Most of the new generation X parents in the United States are eager to buy educational products for their children and products that can be shared with their children, including Harry Potter Babar and pet elf themed products and puzzle games are the most popular. Gardens and nature are both hot topics this year. Under the upsurge of environmental protection, it is an indisputable fact that recycled paper has become an important material for stationery paper products. In terms of design theme, all kinds of flowers, insects and birds, such as dragonflies, ladybugs, beetles, crickets and flowers, are popular for a time

last year, the sales of monthly calendars were extremely prosperous, because many consumers used monthly calendars as gifts or souvenirs for the millennium. It is believed that under the stimulation of the Millennium concept, this year's calendar will still be very popular, among which the items with the themes of gardens, animals, sports and celebrities will be very popular. In addition, stationery and paper products with the theme of golf are also popular. As the post-war generation of consumers grow older, such products will be more popular

last year, the market for gift wrapping paper and paper bags containing gifts was extremely strong, up 57% from 1998, with a total value of more than US $1billion, accounting for 8% of the market share. Some analysts believe that more and more consumers are using gifts, but two-thirds of the products exported are middle and low-end products. Bags loaded with gifts for convenience have led to a sharp rise in the sales of such products

with the endless emergence of packaging materials, including shiny decoration, art paper, hand-made paper, as well as various decorations and ribbons, the demand for high-end gift packaging continues to be high. Christmas is the peak sales season of packaging materials, and the color of packaging materials mainly changes with the popular color of Christmas every year. The gift industry has always advertised the importance of packaging, and threatened that a gift without packaging is not a gift. According to the survey, American consumers pack an average of 32 gifts a year. In addition, many retailers will provide exquisite and unique packaging paper and gift bags for their products to consolidate their image. Therefore, the packaging business of selling in stores is very vigorous, leading to a rise in the overall market. As of June 15, the annual sales of non mainstream stationery paper products such as invitation cards, party supplies, scrapbooks, calendars, rubber stamps and ribbon bows amounted to $3.8 billion, accounting for 30% of the market. Generally, party supplies are mostly sold in retail yards and party supplies stores, and only personalized napkins are sold in specialized retail stores, with good sales. As for rubber stamps, they have been classified as handicrafts and are mainly used to decorate information scrapbooks

the increasingly diversified types of stationery paper products, full of design creativity, coupled with the emergence of new sales channels, make the industry full of confidence in the future. All major companies in the industry are convinced that the stationery paper industry will certainly be able to cope with the challenges brought by the Internet, and traditional retailers can also grasp the business opportunities brought by the Internet, open new sales channels in the business to business business, and expand the market. Often under the impact of the "new economy", the development prospects of the stationery paper industry depend on the new sales and promotion channels brought by the new partnership in the market. In the dynamic stationery market, with unlimited creativity and high-quality and low-cost products, operators in the Asia Pacific region and even the world are sure to show their strength in the United States

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