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Graphene application terminal has not yet opened the "hero" useless land

in July, Dongxu optoelectronics released the graphene based lithium-ion battery application product "olefin King mobile power supply", and the share price soared all the way, starting from 8 yuan/share to 17 yuan/share, doubling the share price in two months

this is only a microcosm of graphene's rampant A-share market. By the end of 2016, more than 30 listed companies had set foot in the concept of graphene

according to public data, in 2004, British scientists stripped graphene from graphite, breaking the conclusion of the physics community that graphene could not exist stably. Due to the coherence with the cutting method and rolling direction of the sample, the electrical, thermal and optical properties of graphene materials are known as "black gold" and "universal materials". The scientists who first discovered graphene won the 2010 Nobel Prize, which shows the heat

after graphene took root in China, the industry generally predicted that in the next few years, this new material will appear in the fields of batteries, corrosion protection, touch screens, flexible displays, and even chips, sensors and high-end electronics

according to the prediction data from China's industrial development research, the global graphene market size may reach 195 million US dollars in 2018, and will exceed 1.3 billion US dollars in 2023. According to the report released by the industrial research center of China graphene industrial technology innovation strategic alliance, China's graphene application market is expected to form an industrial explosion point in 2018, and will grow to a market size of 100billion yuan in 2020

no wonder the capital market detonated graphene instantly

although the bright prospect leads people to infinite reverie, the view that it is overestimated also exists, especially graphene has not made a substantive breakthrough in application and industrialization

at the same time, enterprises involved in graphene have not developed recognized industry standards, and there are many concept speculators under the mixed situation

I'm afraid we can't find out who is swimming naked until the tide recedes

the application end has not been opened.

as a new material, graphene has been valued by developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan since its inception, while the Chinese market seems to be particularly enthusiastic about graphene

since 2015, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology and the Ministry of finance have continuously issued documents to encourage the development of basic research and technology accumulation, including new cutting-edge materials such as graphene. It is planned to form a perfect graphene industry system by 2020, realize the standardization, serialization and low cost of graphene materials, realize large-scale applications in many fields, and form a number of graphene enterprises with core competitiveness, Build a new industrial demonstration base featuring graphene

there are many early adopters in the capital market. Many listed companies, such as Dongxu optoelectronics, West China energy, Dell future, Dow technology, Huali family, Zhongtai chemical, China Baoan, have invested heavily in the field of graphene

with the strong support of national policies, graphene has become the darling of the capital market. The graphene industry is smooth sailing. With technology, policy and capital in place, it has been described as a moving "money scene" by the industry

however, as a new material, graphene overheating still raises doubts. While capital is hot, many views believe that the current market is too optimistic about the future development of graphene industry

in the graphene industry chain, the upstream is mainly graphene raw materials and preparation equipment, mainly including oxidation equipment, CVD equipment, graphene Qing company's measurement and control system adopts the world's first 32-bit ARM technology to develop the controller hytestv6.0 This controller is based on 32-bit arm platform, such as line washing; The middle stream is graphene preparation, including powder and film; Downstream is the application of graphene in energy, electronics, composite environmental protection materials, etc

Li Dan, a researcher at the Institute of raw materials of CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, believes that the graphene industry currently has the suspicion of over hype and misleading the public. This hype and misleading is first reflected in the confusion between the scarcity of graphene industry and the scarcity of resources. Although graphene was first discovered from graphite, its industrialized preparation has little to do with graphite, and the demand for raw material resources is minimal

in other words, due to the sharp increase in the demand for power lithium batteries, the supply and demand of lithium hexafluorophosphate, a key material, is unbalanced, and the price soars. Such a story will not happen in the graphene industry

the worry about graphene mainly comes from the uncertainty of its application end

Li Dan believes that the market has exaggerated the performance of graphene. Graphene itself has strong conductivity and heat dissipation, but from the perspective of macro application, it may not be able to combine with large devices for heat dissipation at present; At the same time, it is too optimistic to use graphene as a substitute material for semiconductors. Graphene semiconductors are still in the stage of theoretical assumptions and concept publicity. It is difficult to realize graphene as a substitute material for silicon semiconductors in 20 to 30 years

as the first batch of listed companies involved in graphene industry, wangzhonghui, deputy general manager of Dongxu optoelectronics and chairman of Shanghai carbon source Huigu New Material Technology Co., Ltd., expressed the same view in an interview with securities market weekly

Wang Zhonghui believes that when graphene began to be hot three or four years ago, a large number of enterprises turned their attention to the upstream of graphene. Graphene itself does not have raw material problems, and graphene can also achieve mass production after technological breakthroughs. The problem now is that after a large number of graphene are produced, the industry does not know how to use graphene; At present, the focus of graphene industry development has shifted from preparation to application. Who can make a real breakthrough in the application end is the real winner

it is difficult to say whether graphene will become a disruptive material in the distant future; However, at present, the application end has not been opened, which determines that the graphene industry does not have considerable profitability in the short term. Despite the policy support, it is inevitable to cool the over hyped graphene concept

as for the phenomenon that the concept of graphene has been hyped in the capital market, Li Dan said that many enterprises only add graphene powder to the original materials, and then claim to significantly improve the product performance; In fact, there is no macro method to measure how much graphene as an additive material has improved the material performance, and many enterprises do not have the R & D capability of graphene application end

at the latest 2017 "two sessions", Tian Zhongqun, President of the graphene engineering and Industry Research Institute of Xiamen University and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in an interview that the current graphene industry publicity is overheated, phased achievements are amplified, and there is a gap between basic research and industrialization at the laboratory level

he also said that graphene is not the "panacea" most people think, and the use of graphene in different fields still needs careful and systematic research

the performance of the preparation end is poor

when there is no substantial performance guarantee at the application end, the life of the midstream graphene preparation enterprises will certainly be difficult

a-share companies are mostly involved in the field of graphene in the form of investment and equity participation, and the information disclosure is not complete. On the contrary, most of the companies related to the new third board are entirely based on graphene, and their performance may be of more reference value

the sixth element of the new third board company (831190, we collect all kinds of output.Oc from customers) has a capacity of 100 tons of graphene powder, and is planning a 1000 ton scale production line in the later stage

According to the financial report, in 2015 and the first half of 2016, the operating income of the sixth element was 22.96 million yuan and 7.86 million yuan respectively, and the net profit after deduction was 19.09 million yuan and 13.72 million yuan respectively

the sixth element said in the 2016 semi annual report that at present, graphene is still in the stage of research and pilot production in many application fields, and the overall maturity of product application technology is low. Although the company's graphene materials began to shift from previous scientific research institutions to downstream application enterprises, the overall scale of external market demand at this stage is relatively small

the same is true of graphene film. Two dimensional carbon (833608.oc) has a capacity of 200000 square meters of graphene film

the financial report shows that in 2015 and the first half of 2016, the operating income of two-dimensional carbon was 9.46 million yuan and 5.6 million yuan respectively, and the net profit after deduction was 22.46 million yuan and 10.26 million yuan respectively

just the same, 2D carbon said in its semi annual report that the main reason for the company's large losses was that graphene application products were in the early stage of market development, and the verification cycle of graphene materials and downstream products was long, which affected the market development speed of graphene products

2D carbon also pointed out in the semi annual report that how to embody the excellent physical properties of graphene through products and form irreplaceable core applications is still a common problem faced by the graphene industry. As a strategic emerging industry, although different industries and institutions at home and abroad have invested or are continuously investing huge resources in this industry, However, graphene industry still faces many uncertainties in the early stage of development

when the "hero" of graphene is useless, the production capacity of graphene is still increasing

according to the research report data of Sichuan finance securities, the current capacity of graphene powder of major domestic graphene enterprises is between 4000 tons and 5000 tons, and the capacity of graphene film is between 1.2 million and 1.5 million square meters

just when the graphene industry chain has not taken shape, there is a vacuum in the downstream and losses in the middle and upper reaches, there is no lack of "wonderful flowers"

in October 2016, West China Energy purchased 15% equity of Hengli Shengtai, a graphene powder preparation enterprise, for 1.35 billion yuan. The announcement showed that Hengli Shengtai had an operating revenue of 332 million yuan and a net profit of 228 million yuan from January to August 2016

however, behind the "wonderful flower" is that more than 80% of its revenue comes from related party transactions, and at the same time, there is almost 100% gross profit margin. West China energy has not announced the specific name of Hengli Shengtai's customer, but said that the customer is a strategic cooperation unit, and it has about 100 subsidiaries. Graphene is mainly used in layers, new energy vehicle batteries, heat dissipation and heat conduction and other fields

of course, the doubts and cooling down of graphene industry cannot deny the possibility that it will become a revolutionary material in the future, but it is still uncertain that it is a business that can make no loss

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