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The application and difference between bonded steel and bonded steel reinforcement technology

the reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures has always been one of the problems committed to research at home and abroad. Even today, with the highly developed science and technology, its research is still in the stage of exploration and development

at present, reinforced concrete structure is one of the most widely used structures in buildings. Due to the construction quality, improper design and change of use function, the safety and reliability of its structure will be affected, that is, in the front of the scale, so the application and development of reinforcement technology is particularly important. The application of reinforcement technology involves multidisciplinary fields, and there are many complex and cumbersome problems. To do a good job in structural reinforcement, we should not only follow the existing norms and standards, but also consider the past construction practices and the promotion of materials on the existing technology. Today, carbone will talk to you about the similarities and differences between the outsourcing steel reinforcement method and the external bonded steel plate reinforcement method

the reinforcement method of wrapped section steel is mainly applied to the reinforcement of reinforced concrete columns and beams that need to significantly improve the section bearing capacity and seismic resistance. It is to wrap the four or two corners of the members with section steel (such as angle steel), and connect the four or two corners of the section steel with transverse steel plates to integrate the above opinions into a whole, so that it becomes the steel closely connected with the reinforced members. I don't know how much the framework of general tension machine is, In order to improve the bearing capacity and ductility of the strengthened members; The externally bonded steel plate reinforcement method is mainly used for the reinforcement of reinforced concrete bending, large eccentric compression and tension members. It is a new method to bond the steel plate and concrete members on the concrete surface through specially made carbene epoxy structural adhesive, so as to improve the bearing capacity of concrete structures. The use of this method for reinforcement has strict requirements for structural adhesive, The quality of epoxy structural adhesive directly affects the construction quality of various reinforcement projects

when the project requires not to use structural adhesives, it is appropriate to use the method of wrapped steel reinforcement. At this time, his one lift and one move convey confidence, courage and pneumatic force. The structural load is shared by the structural steel frame and the original reinforced members, and the total bearing capacity of the structure is equivalent to the sum of the bearing capacity of the structural steel frame and the original structure. If the reinforced members are seriously damaged, the bearing capacity of the structure is mainly borne by the steel frame

when there are no special requirements for the project, in order to make the reinforcement materials and the original building as a whole to bear the force together, it is necessary to select the external bonding steel or bonding steel plate reinforcement method to strengthen the building structure. Special attention should be paid to that when steel bonding is used to reinforce concrete components, the long-term ambient temperature should not exceed 60 ℃. In case of special environment (low temperature, high temperature, high humidity, medium corrosion, etc.), in addition to taking necessary measures according to national regulations, special environmental structural adhesive should also be used and construction should be carried out according to special process requirements

when it comes to steel bonding reinforcement, we need to understand the impact of structural adhesive on the safety of building structure reinforcement

GB "code for design of reinforcement of concrete structures" clearly points out that before the structure reaches the limit state of flexural capacity, there will be no bonding peeling failure between the externally bonded steel plate and the concrete. Therefore, in the selection of structural adhesives, we should be serious and rigorous, and select those structural adhesives that have passed the safety appraisal for reinforcement construction (such as carbone's steel adhesive), so as to protect the safety of the structure

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