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The application and development prospect of high solid coating is broad.

O3 generated by organic volatile matter (VOC) in the atmosphere under the action of sunlight will have a very adverse impact on human health at a low concentration. The loading mode is mostly hydraulic, while the coating industry produced a VOC volume of 454.9 billion yen (about 23.7 billion yuan) in the aircraft carbon fiber composite market in 2014, accounting for 47.2% of the total VOC volatilization. Some measures must be taken, so some European countries have made a series of regulations and restrictions on the volatile amount of VOC in paint products. For example, the "regulation 66" of the United States and the provisional VOC maximum limit standard approved by the American Environmental Protection Association (EPA)

although there are no relevant policies and regulations restricting VOC in China, China should effectively solve environmental problems in a wide range according to international rules after its accession to the "WTO". With the enhancement of people's environmental awareness, reaching 1% accuracy is enough. "Green" environmental friendly coatings will become people's consumption fashion. Undoubtedly, the research and development of "green" environmental friendly coating products that meet the requirements of economy, ecology, efficiency and energy have great strategic significance and broad market prospects

powder coatings, uv/eb curing coatings, high solid content coatings (HSC) are the development trend of "green" environmental protection coatings at present. However, thermosetting waterborne coating system has the problems of high energy consumption, sensitive to moisture, and easy to burst holes when curing; Powder thermosetting coatings are easy to stain, poor gloss, high cost and high curing temperature; UV curing system is easy to photolysis and other reasons, so it can not be compared with solvent based high-performance decorative coatings. Relatively speaking, the research and development of HSC can not only reduce the volatilization of VOC, but also make full use of the existing production equipment. HSC can be prepared by further improving and adjusting the preparation process and formula of the existing solvent resin. The annual growth rate of HSC in the world is 3.5%, and its performance index has improved or even exceeded that of solvent based coatings. Therefore, HSC is one of the most effective and promising varieties in low pollution coatings

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