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No matter how thick the light bar is, the application field of the external thermal imager is gradually expanded, and the industry has a good momentum of development.

the infrared thermal imager is a high-tech product that uses infrared radiation to detect the temperature distribution image of the target object, and converts it into a video image through photoelectric conversion and electrical signal processing. In recent years, the application field of infrared thermal imagers in China has been continuously expanded, and the industry has shown rapid development. Our conclusion is that there is a trend

according to the "Research Report on the market development prospects of China's infrared thermal imager industry in", released by the China Academy of commerce industry, the international military infrared thermal imager market showed a steady growth trend in 2015, and the global infrared military market reached US $8.464 billion; The civil field has been expanded widely, and the market scale of the global civil infrared thermal imager has reached 3.7 billion US dollars. In the future, China's infrared thermal imager market will be further expanded

the infrared thermal imager uses the infrared detector and optical imaging objective lens to receive the infrared radiation energy distribution pattern of the measured target and reflect it on the photosensitive element of the infrared detector, so as to obtain the infrared thermal image, which corresponds to the thermal distribution field on the object surface. Generally speaking, infrared thermal imager is to transform the invisible infrared energy emitted by an object into a visible thermal image. It is a science that uses photoelectric equipment to detect and measure radiation and establish an interconnection between radiation and surface temperature at the beginning of the diverse layout of overseas production capacity

since the discovery of infrared radiation by German astronomer Sir William Herschel in 1800, through the continuous innovative research of scientists, by the early 1980s, thermal imaging technology has been widely used in medical treatment, mainstream industries and building inspection fields. Nowadays, with the continuous development and popularization of infrared technology, new applications are constantly developed, and the application scope of infrared thermal imager is more extensive. It is widely used and plays an important role in material research, machinery, electronics, civil engineering, chemical engineering, medical research, archaeology, geology and other fields

in recent years, as a high-tech industry that is currently encouraged and supported by the state, infrared thermal imagers have been widely used in national defense and military, Marine Supervision, rights protection and law enforcement, security monitoring, forest fire prevention monitoring, water traffic safety supervision and rescue, search and rescue, industrial testing, inspection and quarantine, auxiliary driving and other fields, which has led to a sharp increase in the demand of China's infrared thermal imager industry and a good development momentum of the entire market

not long ago, as the global leader of infrared thermal imagers, FLIR focused on the design, development and production of 1 Because there is no liquid raw material in the closed mold movement must overcome the resistance of professional technology. Its new generation of advanced infrared thermal imager FLIR EXX for electrical, mechanical and architectural professionals won the German red dot best design award. FLIR EXX series infrared thermal imager has outstanding resolution and temperature range, which improves MSX image enhancement technology. At the same time, it has Ultramax technology and 4-inch large touch screen. It has made major breakthroughs in functionality, performance and ease of use, and will provide better help for many fields

domestic infrared thermal imager manufacturers have also firmly seized the opportunity to make major breakthroughs in the development of core components of infrared thermal imagers (such as detectors) and new products of infrared thermal imagers through talent introduction, technology research and increased investment, which has greatly improved the research and development ability of infrared thermal imagers in China

in a word, with the continuous maturity of R & D technology of domestic infrared thermal imager merchants, the support of relevant national policies and the stimulation of the demand of the military and civilian markets, the market demand of China's infrared thermal imager will continue to expand. In the next few years, China's infrared thermal imager industry will usher in a golden period of development

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