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The application and market of digital printing double-sided through painting

digital direct printing double-sided through technology refers to that the thermal sublimation ink is directly sprayed on the cloth, and after heating, it can achieve the effect of having patterns on both sides, and the color difference on both sides is almost small. Compared with the traditional heat transfer process, since the pattern does not need to be printed on the heat transfer paper first, and then transferred to the cloth by the transfer machine, the operation process is simpler, and the cost of the transfer paper is also saved

advantages of digital direct printing double-sided transmission technology

1 Double sided transparent effect. After direct spray printing and heating, perfect double-sided transmission effect is achieved, and there is no color difference between the front and back

2. Wide format printing. It can directly realize products with a width of 3 meters

3. Dual function output. It is directly sprayed on the cloth to achieve the effect of double-sided penetration; First, it is sprayed on the heat transfer paper, and then transferred on the cloth through the transfer machine. The two printing requirements can be met at the same time

4. Direct printing. There is no need for plate making, pulping and other processes. In order to achieve the ideal fitting accuracy

5 The production cycle is short, and it takes only 2 hours from receiving the order to production

6. The number of colors and pattern type need not be considered in the design of patterns. Patterns that can represent thousands of colors (many colors in nature)

7. High printing accuracy and good printing effect. Excessive printing, consistent colors, realistic patterns, no third color and inaccurate flowers

8. Ensure the consistency between samples and products. The data and process plan are easy to save, and the reproducibility of printing is good

9. Green printing and dyeing, no water in the production process, no color paste, no waste dye paste, low noise, the product has passed the three tests of German TUV (azo test, heavy metal test, light test), and meets the requirements of the European Union for environmental protection

hardware requirements of digital direct printing double-sided transmission technology

1 Digital printing machine: American Witt fabri vu33608 color inkjet machine

2 Post processor: roller or plate heat transfer equipment

3. Ink: fabrivu ink

4 All polyester textile fabrics and other commonly used fabrics in the flag industry

market application of digital direct printing double-sided transmission technology

digital direct printing double-sided transmission technology can be used in a wide range of fields, especially exhibition, advertising, interior decoration, picture crafts, sailboat flags, wall fabrics, national flags, tents. Due to its vivid colors, complete color systems, long-term stable printing effects, and the economy of one-time consumption, the current digital direct printing double-sided transmission technology has a great market advantage. We use the advantages of the post doctoral activity station to continuously improve the functions and mechanical performance of the software, breaking through the 1.6-meter wide limit of the traditional heat transfer industry, It can directly output 3.2m wide spray painting products. This project uses non edible natural oils and fats such as waste oil and rosin to replace petrochemical raw materials such as phthalic anhydride and benzoic acid. Especially for large format advertising requirements, the portability and portability of its products will be recognized by more and more markets

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