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With the continuous expansion of machine tool application fields, the industry needs new standards and new systems

nowadays, with the continuous expansion of machine tool application fields, the corresponding machine tool standards will become more and more important. Therefore, we need to constantly make full use of the existing standards and study new standards and new systems that can be applied to future development, so as to promote the development of machine tool technology to a higher level and constantly improve the level and grade of machine tool products

with the efficient informatization and intelligent management of machine storage, the transfer of the machine tool industry to China not only expands the production capacity of China's machine tool industry, but also improves the overall level of China's machine tool industry, improves the popularity of China's machine tool industry, and improves the international market share of China's products. However, due to the neglect of industrial structure, production capacity and other issues in the development process of China's machine tool products, China's machine tool industry has fallen into a stagnant dilemma

it is worth noting that China's machine tool industry is still dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, the industry competition is mainly the competition of low-end products. Informal means of competition are disrupting the development of the market and causing great harm to the machine tool manufacturing industry

at present, the competition in the machine tool industry is still not standardized, or has an impact on the development of the machine tool industry. The main problems include: first, some operators buy machine tools without a factory name and address, print famous brands and certificates of well-known manufacturers, and cause serious harm to the reputation of qualified machine tool enterprises. 2、 Refurbishing machine tools, some operators through the second sale of waste machine tools after repainting, has brought serious safety hazards to the project quality

insiders predict that there is a perfect marketing system and high-quality marketing personnel: in the future, the market supply of hardware machine tools will develop from a single variety to multiple varieties and specifications to meet the needs of complete sets of manufacturing projects. Low end machine tools cannot support the future. Focusing on design and R & D is an important way out for future industrial development. We will spare no efforts to promote the construction of machine tool automation science and technology innovation center and create a platform for the transformation and upgrading of traditional machine tool industry, To develop high-end machine tool products, it is believed that the development prospect of China's machine tool industry will be boundless under the huge demand environment

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