The application for newsprint machine of the hotte

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Yalujiang paper mill's application for the purchase of paper machines has been approved. Liaoning Dandong yaludong paper mill's application for the installation of new paper machines and deinking waste pulp production line has been approved by the government

most paper machines in China produce 48.8 g/m2 paper, but according to the current domestic trend of using low gram weight paper, the factory plans to produce 42 g and 45 g/m2 paper on a new paper machine with a production capacity of 10000 tons, and the deinked waste pulp has a daily output of 200 tons

the new project plans to invest 580 million yuan (US $70million), recruit some foreign investment, and apply for interest free bank loans. After the funds are raised, the paper machine suppliers will be identified, and the investment project is planned to be completed by the end of 2003. There is no oil flowing out of the oil return pipe

Dandong Yalujiang paper mill has four pulp production lines, with a total annual production capacity of 70000 tons, producing unbleached coniferous wood pulp and bleached coniferous and hardwood pulp. The factory recently revealed that it will install a second-hand chemical pulp and paper coating machine jointly by lkaite group, which is suitable for the stretching of metal materials and components

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