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Repair process of transfer case spline of crawler crane

during the overhaul of a kh180-3 crawler crane produced by Hitachi, it was found that the engaging part of the input spline of the transfer case was seriously worn. The external spline on the spline shaft is severely deformed, and the internal spline on the transfer case input gear is worn to a small triangle with a height of 2mm. The fly on the engine is in contact with this. 3. At the same time, the output spline of the wheel is also seriously worn and can no longer be used. The spline shaft is a key component connecting the engine and the transfer case (see Figure 1). One end is connected to the engine flywheel and the other end is connected to the transfer case transmission gear. The power of the engine is transmitted to the hydraulic pump through it. If you want to buy Japanese original parts, you have to buy flywheel output spline, spline shaft and transfer case input gear, which is worth tens of thousands of yuan and takes 2 months. If you want to process these parts yourself, it will take a long time and be very difficult. In order to save money and time, we only spent a small amount of money using the parts on the automobile transmission discarded by the overhaul plant; The crane is repaired, and the improved spline shaft structure is shown in Figure 2. The repair process is as follows:

there is an abandoned automobile transmission in the overhaul plant, which was removed from the Mitsubishi chassis of the 25t automobile crane produced in Xuzhou. The first shaft of the transmission is still in good condition. You can use the external spline on it and find a spline that can mesh with it and is installed on the clutch driven plate (see Figure 3), that is, use this spline shaft and spline to replace the original spline shaft and flywheel output spline hub

why can the first shaft of Mitsubishi transmission be used to replace the spline shaft on kh180-3 crawler crane? First of all, in terms of shape, there is little difference between the two, the difference of spline outer diameter is only 4mm, the difference of tooth number is 1 tooth, and the difference of spline module is not much. Secondly, from the perspective of power transmission capacity, the engine of Mitsubishi chassis is 6d22-ia diesel engine, with a maximum power of 165.5kw; The engine of kh180-3 crane is hinoem100 diesel engine, and the maximum power is 150KW, which is corrected separately. The power transmitted by Mitsubishi spline is slightly larger. Finally, from the perspective of service conditions, all diesel engines are used, and the maximum torque, impact vibration and other working conditions are basically similar

at this point, the task of transformation is left to the spline shaft and transfer case transmission to illustrate the connection of this kind of legal person gear. Because the spline shaft is a waste, it is not suitable for annealing, and the basic parameters of the spline need to be kept unchanged. However, its high hardness makes it difficult to process. We connect them well by means of fine grinding, thermal expansion and cold contraction interference fit (h7/s6), plus welding to increase the connection strength, and control the coaxiality error between the spline shaft and the input gear within 0.03mm, ensuring the connection between the spline auxiliary and the input gear (see Figure 4)

after assembly, the shaft can run smoothly without obvious noise; The transmission torque also meets the requirements and achieves the desired effect

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