Replacing plastic with paper has a long way to go

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Replacing plastic with paper has a long way to go

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core tip: on July 8, an Yixuan roast on his microblog that he was scalded by McDonald's hot drink because of the problem of packaging at the standard of 200 yuan per square meter. Then McDonald's apologized to the parties and said that the product involved was not a mainland product and had been transferred to the relevant market

, An Yixuan roast on Weibo that he was scalded by McDonald's hot drink due to packaging problems. Then McDonald's apologized to the party and said that the product involved was not a mainland product, and had conveyed a reminder to the relevant market. Although this matter has come to an end, the potential safety hazard of takeout has always existed

nowadays, people are more and more aware of environmental protection, and consciously reduce the use of plastic products. In food packaging, takeaway distribution and other industries, "paper instead of plastic" has also become a new trend, and paper products should be used to replace plastic as much as possible, such as paper straws, paper bowls, paper bags and so on. Although paper products are more environmentally friendly, their shortcomings are also extremely obvious, that is, they do not carry out real-time closed-loop control of the experimental process according to the amount set by the user, which is strong and easy to dissolve. Usually, using paper bags to pack dry and normal temperature items will not feel safe, but it is easy to be damaged when encountering water, high temperature and heavy objects, resulting in potential safety hazards. For example, if you use thin paper bags to pack hot drinks or food, the bags are very prone to damage and holes, which is why an Yixuan is scalded by hot drinks. Although it is only an example, it has attracted enough attention. At present, McDonald's, KFC and other fast-food restaurants in the mainland will still add plastic belts to take out drinks to ensure food safety

replacing plastic with paper is something worth advocating, but how to protect the environment while maintaining safety is something that the packaging industry and the paper industry need to think about. For example, take leak proof measures for foods and beverages with soup, use stronger spill proof cup covers, look for more environmentally friendly materials to replace them, or improve the water resistance of paper products, etc. Many paper-making enterprises have also launched products that "replace plastic with paper". For example, the Golden Globe straw base paper developed by app China has passed the QS certification and meets the food grade requirements. The two ends of the sample are clamped, which is suitable for the production of paper straw, aviation Cup and other products. The "Zero plastic" oil-proof food card does not contain plastic and is suitable for the production of food packaging cartons; Japan Paper Group has developed Stone paper, which can be used for packaging materials, cups, etc; Nice Pak company of the United States has launched sustainable wipes without plastic ingredients, etc. these enterprises have contributed their own efforts to protect the environment

in the future, how to integrate paper products perfectly into food takeout packaging and other fields, so that paper packaging products are both environmentally friendly and safe is still a subject that the paper industry needs to continue to study

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