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Repair method of qy8e truck crane center swivel joint leakage

after qy8e truck crane was idle for two years, the center swivel joint had external leakage. In the process of repairing the ordinary main bearing axial stress mechanism, we should pay more attention to the use. It is found that the groove depth of the 0-ring exceeds the maximum allowable depth by 0.1mm, resulting in insufficient initial compression of the 0-ring. In addition, the installation coaxiality of the shell and the core is out of tolerance and the 0-ring is aging, which can no longer serve as a seal, resulting in low-pressure leakage


when purchasing O-rings, deliberately choose products with larger inner diameter and section diameter in the same specification. Before assembly, carefully grind the orifice of the joint shell and the groove of the core, remove burrs and apply grease to ensure that the 0-ring is not damaged during assembly. After repair, no external leakage has occurred to the center swivel since its use

it is suggested that the manufacturer should take the following measures when designing and processing:

(1) strictly control the dimensional tolerance and roughness of the groove part to ensure that the 0-ring has sufficient pre compression shrinkage, so that both sides of the 0-ring will have sufficient compression force between the cooperation and mating surfaces of the project in the future

(2) strictly control the fit gap between the shell and the core to avoid the 0-ring being extruded and damaged

(3) strictly control the coaxiality of the seal groove and the core to avoid seal failure caused by large compression of one part of the 0-ring and small or no compression of the other part

(4) carefully grind the orifice of the joint shell and the groove of the core, remove burrs, and prevent the 0-ring from being scratched during assembly

(5) 0-ring with large section is preferred in the design, or other oil seals are used

(6) add a stop valve at the outlet of the oil tank below the liquid level to facilitate repair

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