Replacing wood with plastic has become a new trend

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"Replacing wood with plastic" has become a new trend in the use of building templates

the composite plastic template independently developed by our province is the only plastic template product promoted by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development in China. Enterprises in our province are editing the national industry standard, which is the second national standard undertaken by the construction industry in our province in the past decade. On September 27, Hu Bing, the head of the new technology promotion station of the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, told a new technology promotion on-site meeting held by the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development in Fuzhou

building formwork made of wood and bamboo cannot be reused, wasting wood resources; Replacing wood with plastic can not only save 51% of the comprehensive cost, but also 100% recycle and reuse to protect the environment. Chenshengde, chairman of Zhongyang construction group, said that composite plastic formwork has become the focus of attention in the construction industry

it is understood that there has been little innovation in building formwork in China in recent decades, and wood, bamboo or steel plates have been used. Now, replacing wood with plastic has become a new trend in the use of building formwork. Henan, Shandong, Zhejiang and other provinces are also developing plastic formwork. If it can be vigorously promoted, it will be a revolutionary technological progress in the industry

it can be seen that there is not a piece of wood on the huge construction site. What is used to help the newly poured concrete form is pieces of composite plastic formwork. After the formwork is removed, the wall surface is smooth and smooth, and the porcelain can be scraped directly without mortar painting. This composite plastic template is all made of waste plastic, "said Li Peisheng. It can be reused for more than 25 times, and can be completely recycled after use, turning waste into treasure

replace wood with plastic, creating a green. According to the experts of class 1 high molecular materials mainly used in high-tech fields, China consumes about 50million cubic meters of wood for construction formwork every year, and more than 160million cubic meters of wood for furniture and building decoration industries. If plastic can replace wood and produce 100million square meters of composite plastic formwork, 4.5 million cubic meters of logs can be saved, equivalent to 54000 hectares of forest area. At the same time, 1million tons of waste plastic can be comprehensively utilized

nijiamin, chief engineer of Nanchang first construction engineering company, said frankly that compared with traditional building templates, plastic templates have advanced technology, reliable quality, higher strength, better appearance, and can be reused. In theory, they can replace traditional products. His concern is that the unit cost of plastic formwork is twoorthree times higher than that of traditional products. He has not actually used it, and he does not know whether it is really cost-effective

it is understood that at present, the composite plastic formwork has entered the industrial production, and the output can be increased at any time according to the market demand. In mid October, Zhongyang Construction Group will introduce the latest foreign production equipment to further improve the product quality, develop more varieties, and produce furniture boards, decorative boards, packaging boards, etc. in the future

substitute plastic for wood to create a broad market. Last year, the output value of the construction industry in our province was more than 200 billion yuan, and the completed construction area was more than 200million square meters. The output value of formwork alone reached 3-4 billion yuan. In the next few years, it is expected to increase by 15-20% annually. Experts believe that although the composite plastic template is still being developed and promoted, the market prospect is very broad. With the increasingly stringent national control of environmental resources, resource consuming industries such as building templates will inevitably require transformation. Experts who specifically meet the requirements of the national standard gb/t 4156 (2) 007 "Ericsson cupping experiment of sheet and thin strip of metal materials" put forward that it is very difficult to rely solely on the promotion of new technologies and products with social and economic benefits, and the government should actively participate in and guide, and introduce a policy of financial subsidies to continuously expand the utilization range of domestic high-strength, high toughness - low quenching sensitivity aluminum alloy materials in new aircraft and aerospace vehicles, Use funds to support and encourage users to use, so as to promote the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry

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