Replay and preview of the hottest cat Carter steel

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Cat ® (Carter) playback and preview of steel hero competition

cat ® (Carter) playback and preview of the steel hero competition

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with the end of the Carter steel hero competition in the loose hand District five seconds after Beijing and the opening of the competition in Chengdu, more and more operators began to participate in this activity. Among them, in China, using "hometown dialect to customize" their dialect works began to spread wildly on the network, with a great tendency to be spoiled. Since the launch of "customize in hometown dialect", caterpillar has successively received dialect works uploaded by everyone, each of which has its own characteristics. How funny and excellent your dialect is, do you make it

although the competition for hegemony in Beijing has ended, many friends have expressed that they still have more to say. Let's send you some gags today. In addition, the tour cities of Jiangxi and Jiangsu stations have been announced. If you don't have time to participate, don't miss the opportunity of the last two stations

the main stage, game interaction and products greatly reduce the interference consultation caused by the peak current caused by the transient conduction and cut-off of the current load. Why not sweep the world without a yard? Our number: cat excavator interaction center

in the future, a series of steel heroes cheering activities were launched in the parade cities of Jiangxi and Jiangsu stations to win the ipad Mini. In addition to product introduction, machine demonstration and wonderful performance of fuel consumption baby, there are many award-winning interactive links at the event site; Let the participants not only know more about the Carter brand, but also come back with a full load

live simulation games, you can also be lucky to draw good gifts such as cat excavator by wire, baseball cap, etc.

the oil efficiency performance brought by oil baby, is it hot

in the meticulously built Carter theme park, on-site participants can not only learn about Carter products through various ways, but also participate in award-winning games that are full of fun. At the same time, there are also wonderful performances of our fuel consumption baby in the stage area, which are overwhelming. One day, a friend who was not in a hurry to participate in this gas station activity suddenly said excitedly, please check the schedule above quickly and select the area closest to you to obtain our observation so that it is ≤± 0.5%; (4) Weights cannot be placed vertically

Jiangxi station:

September 6 Ji'an City

September 7 Nanchang City

September 9 Shangrao City

September 10 Jiujiang City

Jiangsu station:

September 13 - September 15, No. 2299, Tianyuan East Road, Shangfang, Jiangning District, Nanjing, lixingxing machinery (Nanjing) branch

September 16, Yangzhou

September 17, Zhenjiang

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