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Repair of the last damaged Beijing mobile communication base station in Fangshan yesterday morning, Qiu Jingfang came to the fence room base station in Changyang Town, Fangshan District. As the project manager of Beijing mobile emergency center, he has come to Fangshan for more than 300 times to get through, so he will start research and development in the two directions of complete function and simple use

the car drove 800 meters away from the base station building, and the road was broken. In addition to the Loess Hills, there are only half meter deep ruts left by large forklifts

the mud road was barely able to walk yesterday after being exposed to the sun these days. Qiu Jingfang pointed forward. Come on, let's climb over! With his hands and feet, he climbed over four or five meter high mounds and waded through two puddles. When he reached the door of the base station room, his back with his backpack was completely soaked with sweat

In the base station room with an area of

30 square meters, there are five half meter high base station main equipment, and all the red brick floors have been occupied by loess. Wang Yonggang, who is in charge of the repair and construction of the base station, said that all five of them need to be replaced because of a short circuit after flooding

remove! Wang Yonggang gave an order. Six young men in blue overalls quickly picked up wrenches, and two finger thick wires were removed in turn. This is called antenna feeder, which connects the main equipment with the antenna on the signal tower. Wang Yonggang said that since the new equipment model has been updated, the supporting antenna feeder should also be replaced

half an hour later, 30 feeders and 5 main equipment of 200 kg each were removed. The car couldn't get through, and all the materials used for the repair of the base station had to be carried by the workers to the transport vehicle 800 meters away

Li Jiliang, Zhang canlei, Li lianyue, let's move one first! Wang Shendong, a 24-year-old Shandong guy, shouted. Carrying a 200 kilogram machine and stepping on soft mounds, the four strong guys had to put down their things and catch their breath every 20 meters on the road they had just climbed hand and foot. If you are not careful, your whole calf will sink into the mud

it took more than half an hour to move one machine, and it took nearly three hours to move all five machines to the car. Then, the new equipment used for replacement was moved to the machine room, long after lunch time

take out the bread you have with you and ask the hungry workers to eat some together. We'll eat after we finish! Communication number matters! Wang Shendong said. Half an hour later, all the new equipment was installed. The staff connected the laptop to the device and began to download data from the signal center

at 4:30 p.m., the data of the newly installed base station master equipment is downloaded. Wang Yonggang dialed the management center: the fence room base station has been debugged, and the communication number is 6. It is equipped with precision, which is also a part of the future engine

after 10 minutes, the upper half of the signal becomes full. Wang Yonggang's signal test also showed that he received the signal from the fence house base station, and the signal strength was full

wiped his sweat, Wang Yonggang turned back and shouted to the workers, we're finished

so far, all 140 base stations damaged by the rainstorm of Beijing Mobile have been repaired

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