Replacement mechanism of the hottest multifunction

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Replacement mechanism of multifunctional printing unit

patent name: replacement mechanism of multifunctional printing unit

patent application No.: I 3 Publication No.:

application date: July 29, 2003 publication date: September 29, 2004

applicant: Wu Deming

the utility model relates to the field of offset printing machines. The specific goal of Huaibei City is to build a 100 billion ceramic peak. It is a replacement mechanism of multi-functional printing units, which is characterized by changing the connection mode between the plate cylinder and the support of the original offset printing machine from fixed to movable connection The eccentric shaft sleeve is matched with the bearing sleeve to facilitate the loading and unloading of the printing plate cylinder or the corrugated roller or the gravure cylinder or other printing plate cylinder. The cylinder is fixed by the positioning screw. Compared with the existing technology, the machine mechanism of the utility model is continuously improved, which makes the printing unit of the offset press have multiple functions, convenient loading and unloading, safe and reliable, and long working cycle, saves processes and manpower, and reduces production or cost Less investment, it can be widely used in printing equipment in the printing field It is worth promoting

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