Repair of the hottest half shaft casing thread

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Repair of half shaft casing thread

1 surfacing

surfacing is only applied to the severely worn and missing parts of the thread, that is, local surfacing method is used to repair the thread. As the axle shaft sleeve is generally made of 40Cr, its weldability is poor, so the surfacing should be carried out by skilled welders. Before surfacing, the half shaft sleeve shall be preheated (it can be preheated with alcohol blowtorch, and the temperature shall be monitored with variable temperature colored paper) to ensure the surfacing quality

in order to facilitate the manual new material 295 thermal insulation material to activate the new kinetic energy of the building materials industry, the common J 422 welding rod should be used for surfacing welding to control the threading and surfacing quality. When surfacing, we should pay attention to two points: first, we should reduce the temperature difference of the surfacing part, reduce the thermal stress, and make the metal structure of the surfacing layer uniform; The second is to control the cooling rate of the surfacing layer, reduce the internal stress and prevent the generation of cracks and pores

2 special tools

special tools are designed according to the shape, size and thread requirements of the axle shaft sleeve. It consists of two parts: a screw wrench (Fig. 1) and an inner sleeve (Fig. 2). The splint on the thread wrench is used to fix the turning tool, and the lever is used to turn the thread wrench

3 thread processing method

first polish and correct the surfacing part with a manual grinder, and then install the special tool on the half shaft sleeve (Fig. 3). After installing the knife, pull the lever by hand to turn the cleaned thread. Turning tools used for turning threads need special grinding to meet the requirements of thread angle

when turning the thread, take the undamaged thread on the half shaft sleeve as the positioning benchmark to ensure that the repaired thread is consistent with the original thread, and the cutting amount should be small. Lubricate it by dripping oil

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