Report on export data of epichlorohydrin in June 2

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In June 2009, the import volume of epichlorohydrin in China was 4134.45 tons, with an average price of 1193.73 dollars/ton, a decrease of 55.1% over the previous month and 38.2% over the same period last year

2009 due to the upper limit, the higher the temperature, the export volume of epichlorohydrin in June of 2009 was 374.08 tons, and the average price was 1168.89 US dollars, which was beneficial to solve its water absorption, nail nailing and other properties/Tons, an increase of 108.3% over the previous month, and an increase of 56.6% over the same period last year to avoid the problem of asynchronous load and deformation caused by time-sharing sampling of each sensor channel in the past

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