Repair technology of the hottest engine

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Repair process of engine

(1) repair level of engine:

generally includes minor repair and overhaul Minor repairs are generally only oneortwo partial repairs, and major repairs are only comprehensive repairs. The repair process is the most representative Various technical operations during engine overhaul are collectively referred to as engine repair process The process of completing these operations in a certain order and method is called engine repair process The process of engine overhaul is generally high width incoming inspection, external cleaning, assembly and parts disassembly, parts cleaning, parts inspection, when the load can no longer rise, parts repair, assembly assembly assembly, assembly test, engine assembly and debugging under the specified high pressure wear conditions, factory inspection, etc

(2) principle of disassembly and assembly of parts

a. in the disassembly and assembly sequence, the principle of "disassembly after installation first, disassembly after installation first, and disassembly at the same time if it can be disassembled at the same time" is followed

b. in terms of the scope of disassembly, it was also found in the interview that the principle of "don't dismantle what you can, and try to avoid large-scale disassembly"

c. for the purpose of disassembly, the principle of "disassembly is for installation" is followed Therefore, when disassembling parts, pay special attention to observation and record: the installation direction, assembly mark and wear condition of parts, and do a good job in classifying and storing parts

(3) cleaning methods of parts in November before:

the methods of cleaning oil stains on engine parts include: cleaning with engine solvent (gasoline, kerosene, diesel, alcohol, etc.), cleaning with alkali solution and chemical synthetic water-based metal cleaning agent

(4) machining repair of engine parts:

the machining repair methods of engine parts mainly include repair dimension method and inlay repair method

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