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Tianchunhua, a 53 year old worker of Chery heavy industry Valley, owns 6 large agricultural machines and is a famous professional farmer in his hometown. At the beginning, he entered the industry aiming at making money from agricultural mechanization. Over the past ten years, Laotian has accumulated rich experience in cross regional operation, making agricultural machinery a good helper for him to get rich

in the middle of May this year, tianchunhua set out with his trans regional operation team from his hometown, Zhaoxian County, Hebei Province, to the first stop of the summer wheat harvest: Anyang, Henan Province. "I have three people for each car. When I arrive at a place, I disperse the cars everywhere. I just run between several cars and do machine collection scheduling. I am a professional car driver."

after more than ten years of agricultural machinery, Laotian knew the performance and operation of the machine like the back of his hand: "last year, the market was good, so he thought about buying two more machines. After a market investigation, Guwang's quality and service were good, and the six kilogram large feeding model launched this year had advanced technology, reasonable configuration and high cost performance, so I bought two at once."

after the cross region operation started, Guwang tb60 wheat machine did not disappoint him. It had good power, fast harvest and clean threshing, which made the user very satisfied. On one occasion, another family's harvester was directly damaged in the field. After waiting for more than ten hours, no one came to repair it. Fortunately, Laotian urgently transferred a Guwang, which did not delay the wheat harvest. Guwang's efficient and stable performance made Laotian full of praise

at the second stop, tianchunhua came to Xuchang. Although there are many old customers in the market, this year's market has made Laotian unhappy. "There are so many machines this year that they have all been received together. The competition among machine operators has increased. To make money, we need to rely on the effect and efficiency of machine harvesting. This is exactly the advantage of Guwang." Laotian said that because of the fierce competition, some cars can only cut 40 or 50 mu a day when they arrive in Xuchang. However, Guwang works hard and can collect more than 200 mu a day, which is not a small "record"

although he did a good job, based on the operation market this year, Laotian decided to work for a few more days. Before the local harvest was finished, he would quickly transfer back to Hebei, and the next stop would be Handan, which would be the first

tianchunhua said that he has been prepared for this year's market. "The summer harvest can also be divided into big and small years. This year, when the machine operators make money, they will inevitably purchase new machines. In the second year, there will be more natural machines. However, the fierce competition in the second year will change the number of agricultural machines in the third year. Sometimes a big year will be two small years, and sometimes a big year will be one small year. This is normal. However, Shandong Sida high tech reminds users that in the final analysis, it is better to use high-precision grating ruler to make the water temperature lower than the set temperature Device. "

Laotian, who is rich in experience, has found out the market and is preparing for next year's summer harvest. After inspecting the performance of various brands of agricultural machinery this year, he did not hesitate to praise Guwang. "Whether the machine is good or not depends on the quality. This year, my Valley King became famous in the first World War, with stable performance, high efficiency and no problem in recovering the cost. Next year, the machine revenue will be a net profit. I am optimistic about the valley king. This choice must not be wrong with the concept car" MMLV (multi material lightweight vehicle) "launched by Canada Magna International."

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